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Yesterday in a spiraling of inanity that hit me after Meta divorced me, I hopped on TikTok. I haven’t posted anything of any import on there in a week, so, obviously the first thing I did was play with a filter where numbers spin on the top of your head and guess your age.

It naturally assumed I am eight.

This morning I was scrolling TikTok again, stressed for reasons outside of social media. Lo and behold, that post… THAT post… the goofy guess-my-age video I made with the Tiktok filter was removed from Tiktok BY Tiktok for breaking their own Community Standards. I’m not kidding or lying. All I did was use their own filter for a bit of idiotic fun, and they tagged me for a CS violation.

That’s my first strike. My appeal was to click the button saying I didn’t understand how I broke CS. I’m not expecting an explanation.

All this means is that we can’t trust ANY social media platform. It’s not just Meta. It’s all of them. Use them for fun, just don’t put any faith in them.

It may sound like I’m saying not to use social media for anything related to business. That would be a fruitless ask. (What year is this, really?) I sure plan to use social media for some stuff. What I’m saying is to go ahead and use it, but always assume it is on the verge of dropping you at any moment, without warning. The social media platforms tell you you can avoid punishment by adhering to their community standards, but as many users and former users can tell you, there’s no way to avoid breaking the CS. You have to assume you are at risk of being dumped at any time.

Heads up. You are.

When a video of a cat pushing a bowl off a countertop is flagged as bullying, and the user is jailed (suspended), as happened to me for one of my multiple Facebook jailings before the Meta divorce, it’s obvious there’s no rhyme nor reason to the standards. The rules are just the cat’s way of playing with prey. And the users that made them rich are the prey. That’s us. We’ve handed over too much control to those guys.

Some of you may be old enough to remember the little analog stuff we used to do to get attention for our businesses before social media was the presumptive approach to social anything. Do me a favor? Zap me a comment with any you remember. I might recycle them and let you know if I can figure out a way to tweak them and superpower them for the modern era.

Love y’all,

Your favorite Aunt Kellie

Oh, wait. One more thing. Click this picture.

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6 thoughts on “It’s not just Meta”

  1. Hey, Kellie, I’m starting to think you have a troll/stalker at play here, reporting your posts. While the algorithms will target specific things, other things depend on input from users reporting the post for violations. For example, I have posted that cat gif/video numerous times and have never gotten flagged by the algorithm. Once you are reported on a particular platform, they will track you for a while but not like what’s happened to you.

    1. That has crossed my mind. In my old days of dog aggression work I had lots of haters (you know… helping dogs is bad and all) and I wonder if someone is still holding a grudge.

      Since this happened to me found out it has happened to a handful of friends, too. Just, one day you’re out, no recourse. All but one of those are about the politest Facebook people you can imagine. One rarely posts. One I don’t know well enough to know what she posts. (Just became friends shortly before this happened.)

      In a way this was a good thing for me. I got to clear my friends list. The sad thing is that I’m still missing quite a few good friends that I haven’t managed to hook back up with. When I think of someone I send them a DM and let them know I’m real and I send them a request.

  2. Things I remember.

    If you’ve had “commercial” contact with anyone who’s given you their email address, you can contact them by email to promote your art. Make it interesting to get a dialog going.

    Carry business cards (new ones, with the right URLs, unfortunately) and hand them out to anyone you talk with about art. Ask for their cards, too. Or at least name and email.


    1. Funny, I had just received a new stack of business cards the very day before I got kicked off of the Meta platforms! So, I ordered a new set which I just got in, but I have decided to change my brand colors. But I can still use these until I’m ready for new cards.

    2. Yes, and I scarf those puppies up. My big goal is to make sure I give them something worthwhile in return for trusting me with their email address. I know how much I don’t want to have my email box full of garbage. I hope to provide something unique and useful. And there will be special offers for the list that I don’t offer elsewhere.

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